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A famous USA electrical and electronic dealers CEO visit our factory

Author : Date : 2017-3-30 14:41:07
 On March 13, an electronics company CEO and their company’s Asia general manager to visit our factorywas accompanied by Mr.Zheng,the general manager of Nanjing KJT Electric Co.,LTD

Our general manager and the United States Electronic and Electrical Company CEO in the conference room to have an in-depth talks for the customer's products required technical issues.  Nanjing KJT Electric Co., Ltd. as a well-known domestic high-end sensor suppliers, will rely on independent research and development technology and advanced equipment conditions to meet customer’s sensors requirements in the electrical and electronic industry and provide the overall solution, the required technology and service support. "

General Manager and American CEO electrical and electronic companies and products on behalf of clients in the Conference Room of the technical issues for in-depth talks,  Nanjing KJT electric Co.,LTD., a well-known supplier of high-end sensorsWill rely on independent research and development technology and advanced equipment to meet customer requirements for sensors in the electrical and electronic industry, for the electrical and electronic industry with solutions and the necessary technical and service support. ”

And then the customers visited the production workshop, the equipment level, the ability of developing products and other aspects of the site visits.And asked the technical process and development of the company. In the company's scale, the customers learn more about our production strength and core technology, they confirmed that our achievements in the sensors technology and praised that Nanjing KJT Electric Co., Ltd.’s advanced technology and strength in the field of industrial automation industry.