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Application Cases 2

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-9-30 10:53:00
 21.Detect the residual amount of wire in winding machine

Diffuse reflection optical fiber sensor accurate detection of whether the thread needs to be replenished

22. Detect malposition steel nails on conveyor belt

The fast and steady detection of the steel nail is correct

23.Multi-point test the flatness of motor drive

High precision contact sensor accurately identifies the concavoconvex and concavoconvex rotating disc

24.Measure the remaining amount of film on line

The distance from the sensor head to the film is read by using the laser displacement sensor

25.Human protection of cutting machine

Automatic stop protection when light screen sensor detects object entry

26. Check the front and back of the CD

The high resolution optical fiber sensor can accurately detect the front and back of CD

27. Check the passage of the glass plate at the mouth of the furnace

High temperature - resistant fiber optic sensor to detect the passage of furnace glass plate

28. Automatic tap water

The photoelectric sensor detects that the human hand extends in and the water flows out automatically

29. Control the speed of the car

The distance sensor measures the position of the vehicle immediately before and after and adjusts the speed

30.Check whether there is bottle cap on the workpiece

Test whether there is bottle cap on the workpiece by diffuse reflection optical fiber

31.Check the label on the packing tape

Rapid and stable detection is realized by using the groove photoelectric sensor

32.Ultra-high detection of vehicle

The sensor through beam detected the high elevation of the vehicle and gave an alarm, informing the vehicle to stop running

33. Automatic game machine

The game console automatically starts the game by judging people close

34.Vehicle position detection in parking lot

Use multiple sensors to determine vehicle location

35.Vehicle passing detection

The distance sensor detects rapid passing through the car

36. Paper float detection

The distance sensor is not affected by the paper color to achieve stable detection

37.Batch glass substrate detection

The photoelectric sensor detects the glass substrate in the box at one time

38.Check the text mark on the roll

A visual sensor is used to detect the presence of text on the roll

39. Check for disconnection

The wide field photoelectric sensor can effectively detect whether the thread is broken

40. Test AGV passing

Photoelectric sensor detects AGV passing quickly