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Application Cases 3

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-10-10 9:39:16

Application cases 3
Check the feeding position of heating furnace

The feeding position of heating furnace is detected by means of optical fiber sensor

42Check the workpiece size

The thickness of workpiece is measured by the rectangular fiber optic sensor

43Check for cracks in the bearing

The optical fiber sensor USES the diffuse reflection characteristics of the crack to detect whether there is a crack

44Check the tires on the conveyor belt

The ultrasonic sensor can achieve stable detection without being subject to tire color and size

45Test drum thickness

Ultrasonic sensor is not affected by paper powder and dust to achieve stable detection

46Judge whether the edge of the steel plate is warped

The change of detection distance is used to judge whether the steel plate is warped

47Detect PCB boards in different colors on assembly line

The color code sensor can recognize various color objects accurately

48Check the sealing ring on the cap

The optical fiber sensor detects the reverse side of the seal ring quickly

49Check material for overflow


The limited photoelectric sensor can be used for stability test without the influence of material color

50Automatic urinals


A urinal equipped with a photoelectric sensor senses human proximity to flush water

51Check the glass chip


An ultrasonic sensor can be used to steadily detect wafers with water droplets

52Check the welding position of workpiece


The welding part of workpiece is detected by laser sensor

53Check if the porcelain plate in the delivery box is missing


A distance sensor is used to detect whether the porcelain plate in the conveying box is missing

54Determine if delivery trucks are in place


The distance sensor determines whether the delivery truck is in place and whether the warehouse door is opened

55Check the label of the daylight lamp


Locate the label of daylight lamp by optical fiber sensor

56Process blanking test


The optical curtain sensor can not only detect the blanking, but also count the quantity

57Detection coil


The distance sensor is not affected by the color and shape of the coil and can be detected quickly

58Test tape


Optical fiber sensor can be used to detect the tape at the paper

59Test film in darkroom


A photoelectric sensor using infrared light that is not easily photosensitive

60Detection transparent box


The ultrasonic sensor stably detects the passage of the transparent box