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Application Cases 5

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-10-23 13:46:59
Application Cases 5
 81Check for chip gaps

The chip can be detected with a small light spot fiber sensor

82Check the tape on the roller paper


The long distance marking sensor detects the tape around the end of the paper

83Check the string on the bag

The rectangular fiber optic sensor is used to detect the rope on the non-woven conveyor belt

84Personal safety protection

When the safety screen detects the body's approach, the machine is immediately stopped

85Test board

Anti-interference photoelectric sensor can be tested through dust for stability

86Check to see if the glass is sticking out

The glass is quickly detected by the narrow Angle fiber optic sensor

87Check for paper

The use of a limited distance sensor does not depend on the color of the paper

88Check if the coil is used up

The steady detection coil of the laser sensor is used up to prevent idling

89Drip count

Fiber optic sensors with counting function can accurately calculate the amount of liquid drops

90Test liquid container

The optical screen sensor can detect all kinds of liquid containers without the influence of shape and color

91Check the glass substrate

The glass substrate is detected by limited reflection optical fiber

92Check whether the blanks spill

The photoelectric sensor is used to detect whether the stamping material is overflowing

93Human traffic statistics

According to the above sensor, the human flow in and out of the entrance can be accurately counted

94Detection of rice balls

The photoelectric sensor detects the moving rice ball of automatic rice ball machine

95Break line detection

The rectangular fiber can detect the disconnection in the shaking environment of the workpiece

96Check the liquid level in glass tube

An ultrasonic sensor guided by light waves detects the liquid level in glass tubes

97Quickly position IC chip position

The position of IC chip is quickly located by the optical fiber sensor

98Check whether the wire is broken

The photoelectric sensor detects the wire sagging due to fracture

99Detect the passing of thin workpiece

Cross - screen can detect very thin workpiece passing, even if the position is uncertain

100Detect the wafers in the conveyor

Detect the presence of the chip by detecting the edge of the chip