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Application Cases

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-9-17 11:14:40

Application Case


01 Control the droop of transparent film

The ultrasonic sensor can detect the transparent material stably

02 Physical protection

Safety light screen judged to be dangerous, automatically cut off machine operation

03 Detection of cap is installed

High precision detection is realized by using narrow field optical fiber sensor

04 Measure roll speed

The grooved photoelectric sensor can detect the rapidly rotating roller and read its speed

05 Check for tires of different sizes

The distance sensor can quickly detect tires of different sizes

06 Check the flatness of the steel plate

Ultrasonic sensors are used to detect the four corners of the steel plate to determine whether it is flat

07 Check for glass


The sensor that detects glass is implanted in the hand of machine, check glass

08 Detect uneven dyeing silk

It can be detected by high resolution optical fiber sensor

09 Trolley collision detection


The distance sensor detects the position of the trolley before and after to prevent collision

10 10 ETC Channel vehicle detection


The light screen sensor and vision sensor quickly detect the passing vehicle information

11 CD double detection


The little dot fiber sensor detects double overlap from the side of the CD

12 Dry cell phone to send warm air


The photoelectric sensor detects hand penetration and starts the machine automatically

13 Automatic trolley


Sensors on the trolley detect the reflector on the ground and stop automatically

14 Check the passing of the just-heated molding bottle


High temperature - resistant fiber fast detection of heat - forming bottles through

15 Workpiece count


The number of workpieces passing through the groove is counted by the fiber sensor

16 Measure the height of the liquid surface of the solder groove


The laser displacement sensor measures the liquid level through the holes

17 Determine whether the hole depth meets the standard

High precision contact sensor can recognize minute distance change

18 Check if there is chip in the box

The photoelectric sensor is mounted obliquely, and the wafer is detected inside the box

19 Check the position of roller paper

The position of roller paper is detected by small beam laser sensor

20 Check whether pressing machine or injection molding machine stop in place

High precision contact sensor is in short supply to identify whether the object is in place