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Application Cases 7

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-11-8 10:14:12
Application cases 7
 121Check whether the manipulator is in place

Use the wide range to detect whether the manipulator is in place

122Detection transparent film

Ultrasonic sensors are not affected by transparency, color, material, shape, etc

123Detect wafer handler

A distance sensor is used to detect the wafer handler through holes in the vacuum tank

124Detect transparent vials

The transparent packaging sensor can detect the surface of the transparent bottle with concavoconvex

125Accurately detect chip position

The position of the chip is accurately detected by the small spot optical fiber sensor

126Check the red and yellow labels

The green light source fiber sensor can detect the red and yellow tags stably

127Detect labels on transparent tape

The grooved sensor detects the label of the rapidly moving transparent tape

128Detect the PCB board on the conveyor belt

The PCB board on the conveyor belt is detected by using high flexible fiber optic sensor

129Check the bent capacitance

By means of the optical fiber sensor

130Check the workpiece for inaccurate position

The laser sensor is used to detect whether the parallel placement of the workpiece is accurate

131Safety of hands

The machine is stopped immediately when a light screen sensor detects a human hand

132The capacitance on the guide rail is counted

The capacitance is counted by a fiber optic sensor mounted on both sides of the guide rail

133Stability detection PCB board is not affected by background

Limited reflection type photoelectric sensor, not affected by PCB board color and background

134Detect tin spots on PCB boards

The small speckle fiber sensor can be used to detect tin spots on PCB

135Test lead frame plating

The primary color color sensor can be detected according to the color composition and brightness

136Detect both sides of an electronic component

The blue optical fiber sensor can quickly detect both sides of the electronic component

137Detect PCB pass

PCB passing is detected by a thin photoelectric sensor mounted under the guide rail

138Small part count

The rectangular fiber optic sensor can detect the passing of tiny parts

139Check the PCB board for defects

Visual sensors can accurately determine whether the PCB board is defective

140Location detection of electronic components

The range-limited sensor is independent of the target's color background

141 Positioning detection of PCB board

A small beam of laser sensors can quickly detect whether the PCB board is in place

142Check whether the PCB board is in place

U - type photoelectric sensor is not affected by PCB color, gloss and brightness

143Check the label of the packing box

The label sensor detects the presence of a label at a fixed point

144Detect the chip in the vacuum tank

Use limited reflection type heat - resistant vacuum fiber, and not affected by the background color