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Application Cases4

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-10-18 10:07:45
Application Cases 4
 61Reel rotation control

Ultrasonic sensors control the winding and rotation speed of flaps

62Material joint part detection

The fiber sensor detects the joint part of the material before and after the dyeing process

63Check for rubber on metal bars

Stability detection can be realized by using diffuse reflection laser sensor

64Double paper detection

Through the optical fiber sensor to achieve a stable double - tension detection

65Detect silicon wafer

The chip is quickly detected by an ultrasonic sensor mounted underneath

66Tram access station detection

The photoelectric sensor detected the trolley's arrival and departure, and broadcast the notice

67Fax received notification

The photoelectric sensor placed at the exit detects the paper when the fax arrives

68Corrugated board bonding dislocation detection

The ultrasonic sensor can stably detect the distance to the end of corrugated paper

69Check the outside diameter of the workpiece

The optical screen sensor is used to determine whether the outside diameter of the workpiece conforms to the standard

70Check both sides of the workpiece

The diffuse reflection optical fiber sensor determines the pros and cons according to the amount of reflected light

71Flatness detection

Two ultrasonic sensors are used for differential detection

72Detect coil passing

Fast detection of unsteady aperture through the screen

73Automatic air dryer

The photoelectric sensor determines the hand extension, automatically sterilization and air supply

74Check for CD

The distance sensor is not affected by the printing patterns on the CD surface and can achieve stable detection

75Detect the magnetic material below the metal plate

Stability detection is realized by enhanced magnetic sensor

76Check the holes on the IC board

Through the optical fiber sensor, quickly locate the small holes on the IC board

77Test card

Fast passing phone cards are detected by optical fiber sensors mounted on both sides

78Assembly workpiece inspection in place

The limited reflection type photoelectric sensor detects the small workpiece on the pipeline

79Correction control of tape

Use fiber optic sensor to detect the edge of the tape to prevent the adhesive dislocation

80Check the cutter on the rotary disc

The laser sensor detects uneven tool placement on the rotating disc