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Application cases 6

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-10-29 19:25:49
Application cases6
 101Check the liquid level position of transparent and semi-transparent pipe

The position of liquid level in transparent and semi-transparent pipe is detected by optical fiber sensor

102Detect IC chip inside transparent box

By means of the ultra-thin laser sensor

103Testing food materials in an alcoholic environment

Environmentally resistant photoelectric sensors can detect objects in harsh environments

104Check whether the drill bit is bent

The slotted photoelectric sensor can be used to measure the bit's bending stably

105Detect the workpiece under strong light interference

The new generation of anti-interference photoelectric sensor can effectively prevent strong light interference

106Detect eggs in transparent bags

Transparent body detection sensor can be stable through transparent body detection

107Examine the chip cleaning tank

The wafer is detected by optronic

108Check whether the workpiece is mixed with other materials

Through the color code sensor, determine the material is accurate quickly

109Detect lead frame position

The position of the lead frame is detected by the optical fiber sensor mounted below

110Detect the liquid in the transparent bottle

The wavelength of light source which is easy to be absorbed by water can be accurately detected

111Check the parts on the conveyor belt

The environment-resistant photoelectric sensor can detect the workpiece in harsh environment

112Measure the amount of liquid in the container

The liquid capacity is measured from the container mouth using an ultrasonic sensor

113Detect the holes and gaps on the opaque panel

The wide - amplitude opto-electronic sensor can achieve full coverage stability detection

114Testing glass in a vacuum

The anti-vacuum optical fiber sensor can detect the glass in the vacuum environment

115Detect bubbles in black liquid

The bubble in the black liquid is detected by the transmission ultrasonic sensor

116Check the label on the container

The label sensor detects the label attached to the container

117Check the tank level position

The environmentally resistant PFA fiber sensor can be put into the container tank to test the liquid level

118Check whether there is chip in the lead frame

The diffuse reflection photoelectric sensor is used to detect whether there is a chip in the lead frame

119Detect if the chip is floating

The edge of the chip is detected to determine whether the chip floats

120Test LCD substrates in vacuum tank

The optical fiber sensor is used to pass through the hole