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Capacitive proximity sensor

Author : Date : 2015-6-23 16:41:28
 Capacitive sensors are often successfully used in applications which cannot be solved with other sensing techniques. Capacitive sensors respond to a change in the dielectric medium surrounding the active face and can thus be tuned to sense almost any substance. Capacitive sensors can, also, sense a substance through a layer of glass, plastic or thin carton.

Some typical applications for capacitive sensors are:


  1. Level control of non-conductive liquids (oil, alcohol, fuel).
  2. Level control of granular substances (flour, wheat, sugar).
  3. Sensing substances through a protective layer (eg. glass).

The fact that capacitive sensors respond to most substances, necessitates some care during the installation, adjustment and long term operation of the sensor. The sensitivity of capacitive sensors is affected by the moisture content and the density of the substance to be sensed. Deposits of excessive dust and dirt on or around the sensing face of the sensor, cause erratic response and hence the sensor may require periodic cleaning if used in a polluting environment.