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Capacitive proximity switch

Author : KJT Date : 2014-11-10 14:51:37
    Capacitive proximity switch works in electrostatic induction method, in order to electrode for the detection of end, composed of a high-frequency oscillation, detection, amplification, shaping and output circuit. A capacitor formed between surface and earth switch roles, participate in the oscillation circuit work. When the detected object to approach the effect of surface, the capacitance loop change. The oscillation frequency oscillator is weakened to stop the vibration, the oscillator and stop vibrating the two states by the circuit for converting switch signal (high / low), so as to realize the switching function.

    According to different applications, the shape and structure of a capacitive proximity switch is different, is the most extensive application of cylindrical circuit with LED (light emitting diode) indicator, switch operation, the red LED lights. Easy to understand and adjust the proximity switch working state. The circuit is also arranged in the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer, when proximity switch and detected with paper bags, glass and the response is not sensitive objects between the isolation object, regulating potentiometer, can make the proximity switch does not detect caught in the middle of the object.

    The following example illustrates the application of a capacitive proximity switch. In the flexible packaging liquids such as milk and other beverage production line, because the filling equipment fault, when there is leakage of shipping situation. Using capacitive proximity switch. Can detect the paper bag and plastic bag) there is no liquid or whether to put foot.

    When the capacitive proximity switch detects no milk or not fitted with foot bag. Give a switch signal to move a certain distance. By the push rod nonconforming product launch. Capacitive proximity switches can be detected through.