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Dr Li Yihang visit Nanjing KJT Electric CO.,LTD

Author : Date : 2013-10-24 10:11:05

Dr Li Yihang visit Nanjing KJT Electric CO.,LTD

Dr Li Yihang visited Nanjing KJT Electric CO.,LTD on October 9th morning.

Dr. Li has over 30 years  R&D and management experience in the field of telecommunication and information. He has been senior technical director at U.S. Bell Labs, Chief Technology Officer&Chief Executive vice President of Beijing Symbio Information Technology Co.,LTD; CEO of Hangzhou Jiunuo Technology Co.,LTD and now he is the executive Dean of Nanjing University - New York University Polytechnic Campus Innovation and Entrepreneurships college as well as the professor of  American Benedictine University Chinese Academy MBA classes, the professor of Harbin Institute of Technology School’s Software college.

First Dr Li gave the confirmation of the current performance which KJT Electric CO.,LTD has achieved. He also appreciated the development pattern of our company, especially the sound after-sales service system and wholeheartedly attitude for customer. Meanwhile Dr Li also gave us a lot of valuable advice.

Then he gave highly praise of our wireless sensing transmission device, which using solar energy, batteries and common power supply while transmission distance is up to thousands of meters. The wireless sensing transmission device can connect with  proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, optical coupling and so on whatever they are switch or the digital output.The transmission is able to control PLC, relay as well as connect with 485 and 232 
PC interface according to the company’s own communication protocol. This wireless sensor 
transmission device represent the leading technical level in the  domestic market.