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Effect of environment on weighing sensor

Author : KJT Date : 2014-8-16 15:54:46
 Weight sensor is actually a quality signal into a measurable electrical output device. Sensor Yin should first consider the sensor's actual working environment, this is the correct selection of the sensor is very important, it relates to the sensor can work with its safety and service life, safety and reliability and the whole weighing apparatus. The influence of environment on the sensor caused mainly has following several aspects:
(1) high temperature environment caused by molten solder coating materials, Kaihua, elastic body stress structure change on issues such as sensor. High temperature sensor is often used for the sensor under the environment of high temperature work; in addition, must be added with the heat, water or gas cooling device.
(2) effects of dust and damp on the sensor caused by short circuit. In this environment should be selected under the condition of closed high sensor. Different sensors the sealing way is different, there is a great difference between the sealing performance. Common sealing with sealant filling or coating; rubber mechanical fastening and sealing; welding (TIG welding, plasma welding) and vacuum nitrogen filling sealing. From the sealing effect, as the best welding sealing, filling coating sealant for quantity difference. Sensor for indoor clean, dry environment, the sensor can choose the gluing and sealing, and for some in the wet dust, high work under the environment of sensor, should choose the film heat set
The sensor sealing, vacuum nitrogen filling sealing or diaphragm welding.
(3) in high corrosive environment, such as wet, acidic caused elastic body is damaged or short circuit of sensor, should choose plastic or stainless steel housing outer surface, good corrosion resistance and good tightness of the sensor.
(4) effect of electromagnetic field on the sensor output signal of the disorder. In this case, conduct strict examination shielding response sensor, to see whether it has a good ability of anti electromagnetic.
(5) the inflammable and explosive not only caused by the radical damage to the sensor, but also to other equipment and personal safety, caused a great threat. Therefore, the sensor working in inflammable and explosive environment put forward higher requirement for explosion-proof performance: in the inflammable and explosive environment.