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Big news-Nanjing KJT Launch Cloud Platform Service -- Equipment Remote Comprehensive Management System

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-8-16 16:20:12
 what is the wireless cloud platform service

This is a remote comprehensive management system specially designed for PLC and other industrial equipment, which can grasp the operation status of the equipment in real time, deal with the failure of the equipment in a timely manner, and solve customers' worries.

At the same time, it is also a cloud platform for comprehensive information management of equipment.Meet equipment production and sales of manufacturers of multi-site remote device information to monitor and manage all requirements, support an unlimited number of devices access and user access from remote fault detection equipment, products and spare parts management, equipment operation data remote transmission and modification, and even device firmware download and staff operation records back view.

Product advantage

1. Strong compatibility

The communication interface of hardware modules is diversified, which can adopt various communication modes such as GPRS, 3G, 4G, wifi and Ethernet, and can be compatible with RS422/232/485, RJ45 and other interfaces simultaneously.

The system is compatible with mitsubishi, Siemens, omron, hollysys, schneider, rockwell and other mainstream PLC and other core controllers.

2. Strong real-time

The system can realize online remote monitoring and comprehensive management of equipment, and has PLC online programming and fault warning diagnosis functions.

The system has strong expansibility, which can follow up the actual situation of customers in a phased layout, and can accommodate up to hundreds of thousands of orders of equipment access at the same time.

3. High safety

The communication system adopts VPN dedicated security channel and PSA encryption algorithm to ensure the security of communication data.

The software platform can be customized according to the industry of the client. The style and parameters of the platform can be set by the client. The system supports the functions such as wire break reconnection, abnormal recovery and system self-monitoring.

4. Fault warning

The equipment has the function of fault warning and diagnosis to reach the alarm threshold.

Warning parameters and alarm threshold can be set by the customer.

5. Customized services

The system is specially customized for enterprises. The cost of system construction is low. The system can be built in stages according to the scale of enterprise development without affecting the basic functions of the system.

The client does not need to redevelop the platform. The software platform can be customized according to the industry of the client. The style and parameters of the platform can be set by the client.

6. Simple installation

The module is small in size (80*80*30mm) and can be installed without changing the basic structure of mechanical equipment.

Adopt the way of guide rail installation, conform to the way of most equipment internal components installation.


When you use the kaikitt wireless intelligent cloud platform service, all the data of your device and device are synchronized to the cloud in real time, and the device manufacturer, device user and device form a unified virtual tree organization.Big data based on the running state of the device is utilized and Shared at different levels, while you are transformed from a traditional device manufacturer into a service provider of big data.