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KJT electric - the future road of the photoelectric sensor

Author : Date : 2013-9-26 15:34:16
KJT electric - the future road of the photoelectric sensor



Photoelectric switch as an important members of the family of sensors, it has been popular for its excellent performance.With the development of technology, Nanjing KJT electric co., LTD have introduced Germany advanced production equipment, the new photoelectric switch product have strength function of latency, bandwidth, synchronization, anti-jamming, high reliability and stable working area and intelligent self-diagnosis and so on, is widely used in many industries. At the same time, we also devote to develop smaller, higher accuracy, shorter response time photoelectric sensor, such as M8, small square distance photoelectric sensor; meanwhile, the photoelectric switch light, electricity, magnetic interference resistance ability is stronger.


Photoelectric switch as a high-precision sensor products, it has been growing to motors, intelligent, network, and widely used in position detection, level control, products counting, width discriminant, speed detection, fixed-length cutting, hole recognizing , signal delay detection, automatic door sensors, color code, punching and shearing machine and safety protection, and many other fields.

industrial automation step by step toward the solution, Nanjing KJT industry electric co., LTD also make effort to change, organized
 the core technology team, provide customers solutions based on the product .