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New product-Nanjing KJT high precision eddy current displacement (inductive ranging) sensor

Author : Daisy Date : 2018-12-11 14:11:38
 New product!!!

Nanjing KJT high precision eddy current displacement (inductive ranging) sensor

product brief introduction

Nanjing WJT series introduces new inductive ranging sensors WJT08, WJT12 and WJT18. They have linearized calibration curves and extremely low standard dispersion rates, which make it easy to analyze measurement results. They are cost-effective and do not require any additional programming costs or related operations. Complex reference measurements will be a thing of the past.

High precision, high efficiency and robust sensors for automation

Inductive sensor is a reliable non-contact measurement of metal object position changes in the perfect solution. Due to the combination of high temperature stability of long sensing distance, high grade consistency and robustness, sensors are very suitable for measuring position and angle, controlling and monitoring belt tension, drooping control and measuring low-frequency vibration.



Through a simple and innovative single-point self-learning process, the user can quickly and easily set up or adjust the sensor to meet the requirements of special applications by pressing the button. The sensor only needs to be self-learning at a specific location. The output signal of the self-learning trigger point is linear and the slope meets the required requirements. This means that sensors can also be installed in any situation where self-learning at the second point is not possible due to dynamic changes in the range of measurements applied, such as shaft deformation measurements. Since the installation error is eliminated directly in the sensor, repeated measurements can be ensured and the installation cost can be reduced.

Nanjing KJT WJT series sensors are designed to measure not only displacement, distance, movement and position, but also oscillation and vibration. The inductive sensors provided for customers have extremely high precision and can even be used for micron scale measurement tasks. At present, the series of eddy current displacement sensors are widely used in semiconductor device manufacturing equipment, aerospace, power generation turbine, shipbuilding, railway, automotive testing and machine tool industries.

parameter specification

Nanjing KJT WJT series inductive sensors have the following advantages:

1. Suitable for detecting the displacement, position and distance of metallic conductive materials

2. Customers can customize inductive ranging sensor and controller

3. Suitable for industrial environment: high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, dust resistance

4. Solid structure design for industrial grade

5. Ultra high resolution and temperature stability

6. A variety of eddy current probes are available to meet various application requirements

7. The ultra-high measurement frequency meets the real-time requirements

8. Suitable for automation equipment integration


Welcome to contact us for more application cases!

used in semiconductor industry

Measure oil film thickness

Used in the automobile industry

Used in aerospace

Used in the shipping industry

Used in scientific research

Measuring motor clearance

Measuring liquid metal

Measuring machine spindle

Underwater measurement




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