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Photoelectric switch sensor material types and characteristics

Author : KJT Date : 2014-12-13 17:02:55
      Photoelectric switch sensor using the transform function of various materials to achieve the purpose of information or energy conversion and detection, various functional material is the material basis of the development of sensor technology. Development and research of new type sensor, in addition to study theory, to a large extent also dare depends on new materials. The following requirements for fabrication of the sensor materials used: transform function (effect), sensing range, high sensitivity and precision, stability and reproducibility, small volume, simple structure, long service life.

  In modern photoelectric sensor switch, with the more precious metals materials, semiconductor materials, functional ceramic material and functional polymer materials. Among them, the metal materials are functional materials to create traditional photoelectric switch sensor used the most sensitive structure, its application range from the structure type sensor to a parameter measuring element and physical sensors.

  Photoelectric sensor switch semiconductor material is an important material basis for manufacturing various types of sensors, its application for miniaturization, digitalization, high precision instrument opened up broad prospects. Based on photoelectric switch sensor of semiconductor material not only has high sensitivity, fast response, small. Light weight, and easy to realize sensor integrated and functional. Semiconductor photoelectric switch sensor has become the field of development of contemporary key technology, is currently the integration, functional, intelligent direction.

  Functional ceramics can be made into a variety of sensitive element, is widely used in photoelectric switch sensor. The functional polymer material composition design and the advantages of light weight, convenient processing, as the sensitive device material photoelectric sensor switch, has been used more convenient. The conductive polymer materials. Semiconducting polymer materials, change the physical properties by using the composition design and control of doping, can be made of semiconductor materials and silicon as the sensor can produce all types of. Polymer film, the isolation membrane has been used for Li Min, thermal, gas sensing and acoustic sensitivity sensor.

  Based on the different functional materials, can achieve the same and different sensitive and converter, and has different features and performance characteristics. Therefore, should consider the function of material associated with the principle characteristics and its characteristics, characteristics according to the measurement objective selection of photoelectric switch sensor.