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Proximity switch selection

Author : KJT Date : 2014-10-28 16:02:58
 Proximity switch selection

  For a sample of different materials and different detection ranges should be used in different types of proximity switches, so that it has a high cost performance in the system, for which the selection should follow the following principles:

  1.1. When the sample is a metal material should be used in high-frequency oscillation type proximity switches, proximity switches of this type of iron and nickel, A3 steel type specimen detect the most sensitive. Aluminum, brass and stainless steel type specimen, the detection sensitivity is low.

  1.2 When a sample is non-metallic materials, such as; Wood, paper, plastic, glass and water should be used in capacitive proximity switches.

  1.3. When the metal body and non-long-range detection and control to be carried out, should be used in photoelectric proximity switch or ultrasonic proximity switches.

  1.4. When the body is for the detection of metal, do not ask if the detection sensitivity, the choice of inexpensive magnetic proximity switch or Hall proximity switches.