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The eddy current of proximity switch sensor

Author : KJT Date : 2015-5-6 16:47:00
The eddy current sensor conversion principle of proximity switch is a metal conductor in alternating magnetic field eddy current effect. According to the law of electromagnetic induction, when a coil of AC current to pass near a metal conductor, alternating current I produces alternating magnetic flux through the metal conductor, the induced current in the metal conductor inside I2, I2 in the metallic plate to form a loop closure, called eddy. The vortex is bound to magnetic energy consumption. The magnetic flux generated by the vortex and always coil in the opposite direction, the coil impedance change. Proximity switch sensor coil impedance changes with the measured metal properties, proximity switch sensors, the geometrical parameters of the coil excitation current size and frequency, measured the thickness of the metal and metal coil to the measured distance between the. Therefore, the proximity switch sensor coil as the sensitive element close to the switch sensor, displacement, amplitude, determination of conductor thickness, speed, through the conductor impedance changes to the surface cracks, defects, hard disk and strength etc..