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The main function of proximity switch

Author : KJT Date : 2015-5-4 16:47:30
 1, check the distance: test equipment, elevator stop, start, through the detection of the location of the vehicle position; two, to prevent the collision detection; set in position detection of mechanical work, the limit position of the moving parts of the machine or the stop position detection; the rotating body, the valve open or closed position.
2, the size of the control device: control of metal plate punching size; automatic selection, determine the length of the metal sheet; automatic loading and unloading height detection; detection project length, width, height and volume. Detection of packaging production line without an object without the product box; test whether the product is part of.
3, speed and speed control: control the speed of the conveyor belt of the rotating machinery; speed control; generator speed control and speed together with various pulse.
4, calculate and control: the number of product line detection; high speed rotating shafts or rotational speed measuring element number.
5, anomaly detection: detection of qualified products with no cap; unqualifiedjudgement; metal products detection packing box with little or no; the difference between metal and non metal parts; there is no sign of alarm detection products; crane safety danger zone; escalators and automatic start and stop.
6, measurement control: automatic measurement of products or parts; testing instrument, instrument pointer range and control number or flow control; surface height detection buoy, the measured flow rate; in the detection of iron buoys in stainless steel tanks; the upper or lower control instrument; flow control, level control.