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The main functions of proximity sensors

Author : Date : 2015-5-21 15:53:24
Proximity sensor is a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact .When the object approaches the induction switch in working distance ,Don’t need to touch and pressure which can make the switch ,thus driving DC apparatus or provide control instruction for computer device.

Proximity sensors can have a high reliability and long functional life, also with strong anti-interference capacity. 

1.Detect distance 

Through testing the elevator position,and confirm the elevator equipment stop and runing

Detect the location of the vehicle ,in order to prevent the two objects collide

Detect the location of the equipment,moving the machine or parts of the limit position(years)

Detect the location of the rotor stopped and Valve open or closed position.

Detect the location of the Cylinder or hydraulic cylinder piston movement.

2 size control

It’s used to control the punch of metal plank ,cut size ,and Automatically choose the length of differential metal.Test the height of automatic loading and unloading heap ,Test the length,width,height and the volume of the product .

3.Speed   control

Control the speed of the conveyor belt ,Control the speed of the rotating equipment ,Control the speed of all kinds of pulse generator .

4. Counting Control


Proximity Switch is capable of detecting the products which is the production assembly line of products