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The working principle and application of optical fiber sensors

Author : KJT Date : 2014-12-8 16:44:21
   The working principle and application of optical fiber sensors:

  Optical fiber sensing technology is a new technology which is formed with the development of optical fiber communication. In optical communication system, optical fiber is the medium long distance transmission of optical signals. When the optical transmission in optical fibers, characteristics of light frequency, amplitude, phase, polarization and other characteristic parameters, will change because of temperature, pressure, magnetic field, electric field and other external factors and occurrence, the optical fiber can be used as a sensor element, the various physical quantities detection result in light signal changes in the size of the fiber, which is sensor. In a small space, in a strong electromagnetic interference and high voltage environment, optical fiber sensor shows strong ability.

  At present, the optical fiber sensor has 70 a variety of, generally divided into optical fiber sensor using optical fiber sensor and its. Obtained the very good development in recent years, most of the application in the field of low carbon. In wind power, optical fiber sensing technology for detection and optimization of start wind power wind wheel system. As the fastest developing energy technology, more and more large size wind wheel. The wind wheel huge volume, and installed in the more distant place. Real time monitoring engineers need to understand these wind wheel state. Therefore, the optical fiber sensor can exert its effect, help engineers to understand the operation of wind power generator set. Optical fiber sensor technology for energy is extremely low and sensitive, especially in long-distance transmission, signal stability, disturbance. These characteristics make the optical fiber sensor becomes the ideal choice for extreme environments.