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Wireless sensor put into production-KJT SENSOR

Author : Date : 2013-9-26 15:48:23

Wireless sensor put into production-KJT SENSOR


Recently, aimed at proximity(photoelectric) sensor can be stable over a long distance transmission, our company cooperate with Beijing design institute successfully developed new products KJT - WLTC wireless sensor. This wireless sensor using the latest wireless technology, induction distance can reach to1000 meters, convenient and simple to use, greatly save the manpower and material resources that caused by repeated laying cable data acquisition equipment and consumption in the test, can get rid of the bad working environment, are widely used in the on-line monitoring data acquisition and industrial equipment.


System node structure is compact, small size, made by the power supply module, collection and processing module, wireless transceiver module, inside proximity(photoelectric) sensor, wrapped in aluminum housing.